Kos is an island with a thousand pictures! A thousand colors! A thousand scents! Endless beaches!
The homeland of Asklepiads of Medicinal Science and of Hippocrates, the first doctor who made the medical science the art of healing. The island involves elements from Paleolithic*, Neolithic, Archaic, Classical, Byzantine and Μedieval and Ottoman period. At earlier times new elements are added after the Italian domination. A mixture of cultures with a variety of memorable monuments.
*Kefalos: Aspri Petra, Psalidi: the Ancient Triopion
TIP: If you are interested in Greek mythology then you will definitely be attracted by a writer and treasure of knowledge, Mr. John. He works in a cute souvenir shop «ACHILLES» by the ending of the old city at Apellou Street. Feel free and ask him about Greek or even world history and you can rest assured that at the end of your visit you will have enriched your general knowledge and not only.